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We Will Buy Your Home for Cash

Get an Offer on Your Home Now!

Who We Are

About Our Company
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Creative strategies for Buying - Selling - Investing

Eagle Cove Property Solutions is a woman-owned company that focuses on developing property exit strategies for homeowners and providing attractive opportunities for investors. We are driven by our guiding principles of Integrity, Compassion, and Ingenuity
and rely on them to create mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties.   

What We Offer

Any Condition

We buy homes AS-IS. Homeowners don’t have to worry about paying for any repairs or upgrades.

Any Location

We buy homes in any area throughout the DMV, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Any Situation

Whether you need or just want to sell your home, we will find a solution that fits your timeline, even if you have little or no equity.

We follow these steps to buy your home

Selling your home to us for cash is easy! We’re able to close on your time frame because we are not reliant on bank approvals, appraisers, or have home inspectors. Our offers are based on your needs, the current market, and the overall condition of your home. That’s it… Fast Easy and Simple!

Reach out to us

Fill out the form, call, text, or email us to get started.

Discuss your needs

We'll call you to set a time to visit with you so we can discuss your situation and needs.

Get paid

We will make you a cash offer on your home. If you agree to the offer, we will set a closing date and you will get paid (often in as few as 14 days).

Eagle Cove Advantages

We make selling your home as easy as possible

We Buy In
Any Area

We Will
Buy It AS-IS!

No Repairs or Updates Required

We Pay All Closing Costs and Fees

Timeline : 30 Days or Less

Satisfied Customers

We make sure our customers are satisfied

We already knew where we wanted to move for retirement, so once we decided to retire, we were ready to move right away. We didn’t want to spend extra time finishing the addition we had been working on because we were just ready to go. We saw an ad from Eagle Cove Property Solutions and asked if they could buy our home even though it was under construction. They bought it with the addition half-finished and we had our money in a couple weeks. We were really glad we didn’t have to put our plans on hold to finish the construction once we made up our minds to retire and move.

My grandmother left me her home when she passed, but I live in a different state and don’t need the home or want the financial responsibility of paying the taxes and upkeep. I called Eagle Cove to find out if they could help me. They gave me a cash offer for the house and we settled in two weeks.

Let’s Talk

Fill out the form or call to schedule a visit so we can determine your situation, develop a solution, and make you an offer for your home.


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Areas We Serve

We try to serve to the best areas possible
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Some Common Questions Asked by Homeowners
  • 1. Do I need to use a real estate agent to sell my home?
    No you don’t. You may sell your home directly, to a buyer, an investor, or any other legal entity. All that is required is that there be an offer, terms agreed upon by both parties signed contract with terms, and consideration to be given amount to be paid.
  • 2. What paperwork is necessary to sell you my home?
    A residential sales agreement is required. We use contracts that have been vetted and used for years to purchase properties and we always settle through a title company. Also, since we will buy your home as-is, the volume of paperwork is minimal.
  • 3. How can you settle so quickly? I thought it would take months.
    First, we partner closely with investor-friendly title companies, who can expedite the sales process. Second, we partner with entities and individuals who have cash on-hand and are looking to invest it. Thus, we can settle in days or weeks, rather than months.
  • 4. Will I have to pay anything?
    No, Eagle Cove Property Solutions will pay all fees and closing costs associated with the sale.
  • 5. Why is your offer lower than what I could list my home for?
    Our offer is based on you selling us your home in an “as-is” condition. We do not require you to make any necessary repairs or upgrades like you would need to do if you listed your home in the MLS. Buying your home as-is means that we take on the responsibility and risk of making those repairs and upgrades. Basically, it transfers the burden of refreshing your home to us, thus creating an easier and quicker experience for you.
  • 6. I want/need to sell my home quickly. How do I get started?
    That’s great news! The first step is to call or email us to schedule an appointment so we can talk with you to find out your specific needs. From there, we will: a). Visit with you and walk through your home to determine its size, condition, features, and any repairs or upgrades that may be needed. b). Compare your home’s features with other homes in your neighborhood, to estimate its value after repairs and upgrades are made. c). Use the walk-through and information from other homes in your area to calculate the best possible offer for your home.
  • 7. How long will this take? (When will I get my money?)
    Once we have agreed to the terms and signed a sales agreement, we can usually settle in 30 days or less and often in as little as 14 days. You will receive your money at settlement or by wire on the day of settlement.
  • 8. Do I have to paint or have my home professionally cleaned?
    No. Once you have packed and removed your possessions, it is customary to leave the property “broom clean.”
  • 9. Why are you willing to assume the risk and responsibility of making all the necessary improvements?
    Eagle Cove Property Solutions is a real estate investing company - we will either repair/update your home and sell it to a new family, keep it in our portfolio as an investment property, or partner with our buyers who are seeking properties they can rehab and hold in their portfolios.
  • 10. What if I still have a mortgage on my home?
    That’s not a problem. We will factor the mortgage payoff amount into our offer because we will pay it off for you.
  • 11. What if I have little or no equity in my home?
    That’s not a problem either. We can customize the terms to benefit everyone and still settle on your timeline.
  • 12. What if I am behind in payments and facing foreclosure?
    A quick settlement with us will stop the foreclosure notices, put some cash in your pocket, allow you to get a fresh start, and avoid the “atomic bomb” of having a foreclosure on your credit. Depending on your state, additional steps may be necessary before initiating the sale.
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